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SHARE wave 4

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General Information

Measure SHARE wave 4
Countries Austria, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia
Fieldwork period 2011/2012
Researcher Axel Börsch-Supan
Publisher MEA
Copyright © 2016 MEA
Funding Organization


Name Description
DN1 Demographics and networks
SN Social Network
DN2 Demographics and networks
CH Children
PH Physical health
BR Behavioral risk
CF Cognitive function
MH Mental health
HC Health care
EP Employment and pensions
GS Gripstrength
PF Peak FLow
BI Biomarker
SP Social support
FT Financial transfers
HO Housing
HH Household income
CO Consumption
AS Assets
AC Activities
EX Expectations
LI Linking
IV Interviewer


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Name Version Note Variables
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ac 6.1.1 Activities View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_as 6.1.1 Assets View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_br 6.1.1 Behavioural Risks View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_cf 6.1.1 Cognitive Function View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ch 6.1.1 Children View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_co 6.1.1 Consumption View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_cv_r 6.1.1 Coverscreen View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_dn 6.1.1 Demographics View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_do 6.1.1 Dropoff View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ep 6.1.1 Employment and Pensions View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ex 6.1.1 Expectations View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ft 6.1.1 Financial Transfers View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_gs 6.1.1 Grip strength View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_hc 6.1.1 Health Care View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_hh 6.1.1 Household income View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ho 6.1.1 Housing View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_iv 6.1.1 Interviewer Observations View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_mh 6.1.1 Mental Health View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_pf 6.1.1 Lung strength View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_ph 6.1.1 Physical Health View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_sn 6.1.1 Social Networks View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_sp 6.1.1 Social Support View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_technical_variables 6.1.1 Technical Variables View
sharew4_rel6-1-1_xt 6.1.1 End-of-Life View



Name Download
SHARE Compliance Profiles - Wave 4 Download
SHARE Wave 4: Innovations & Methodology Download
Cross Wave Comparison Download
SHARE_​release_​guide_​6-1-1 Download
Scales Manual Download
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