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SHARE wave 3

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General Information

Measure SHARE wave 3
Countries Austria, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland
Fieldwork period 2008/2009
Researcher Axel Börsch-Supan
Publisher MEA
Copyright © 2016 MEA
Funding Organization


Name Description
ST Starting
RC Children
RP Partner
AC Accommodation
CS Childhood
RE Work History
FS Financial
HS Health
HC Health care
GL General Life
FQ Wave 3 Forward Questions
LS End Questions
IV Interviewer


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Name Version Note Variables
sharew3_rel6-1-1_ac 6.1.1 Accomodation View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_cs 6.1.1 Chair Stand View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_cv_r 6.1.1 Coverscreen View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_dq 6.1.1 Disability View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_fs 6.1.1 Financial Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_gl 6.1.1 General Life Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_gs 6.1.1 Grip Strength View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_hc 6.1.1 Health Care Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_hs 6.1.1 Health Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_iv 6.1.1 Interviewer Observations View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_rc 6.1.1 Children Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_re 6.1.1 Work History Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_rp 6.1.1 Partner Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_st 6.1.1 Starting Section View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_wq 6.1.1 Work Quality View
sharew3_rel6-1-1_xt 6.1.1 End of life View



Name Download
Retrospective Data Collection in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe. SHARELIFE Methodology. Download
SHARELIFE_​release_​guide_​6-1-1 Download
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