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Title Older people as care givers and their roles in family in the era of active ageing: case of the Czech Republic
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AuthorMarcela Petrová Kafková
Publication Type Journal Article
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Source Studia Socjologiczne
Publisher Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Warsaw, Poland
Publication Year 2015
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Language English
URL OpenURL - http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/getdocument.aspx?logid=5&id=da0ed95a-4e4d-4a90-a110-bf95aefc16c4#http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/getdocument.aspx?logid=5&id=da0ed95a-4e4d-4a90-a110-bf95aefc16c4 http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/getdocument.aspx?logid=5&id=da0ed95a-4e4d-4a90-a110-bf95aefc16c4#http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/getdocument.aspx?logid=5&id=da0ed95a-4e4d-4a90-a110-bf95aefc16c4
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