Data Archive Manual


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
The Data Archive
About the website
2. Getting Started
3. User Pages
Data Archive Home Page
My Account
Edit Password
Edit Contact Information
Edit Domain and Research Interests
Change Privacy Settings
4. Study Unit
Study Units Index
Study Units Panel View
Study Unit View
Overview Tab
Data Collection Tab
Data & Documentation Tab
5. Study Type
Study Types Index
Study Type View
6. Analysis Unit
Analysis Units Index
Analysis Unit View
7. Topic
Topics Index
Topic View
8. Variables
Variables Index
Variable View
9. Baskets
View Basket
Add Basket
Select Variable
10. Concepts
Concepts Index
Concept View
11. Codings
Codings Index
Coding View
12. Questionnaires
Questionnaire View
13. Questions
Question View
14. Questions
Questions Index
Question View
15. Publications
Publications Index
Publication View
My Publications
Add Publication
Edit Publication
16. Search
Basic Search
Advanced Search
Search Results